I saw Rachel when I was struggling to start my consulting business. I had a lot of self doubt and esteem challenges. I didn't have a focus on what to do next because I was blinded by my fears and anxiety. Rachel really took the time to know me. She was able to help me focus on my strengths and reminded me of what I was capable of doing. In my short time with Rachel, she helped me gain clarity on my personal and business directions. She's compassionate and wise and gave me some great recommendations on resources to help with business. I highly recommend working with Rachel Greenhouse Consulting!

Mei Pak, Tiny Hands, Creative Hive

Wow! What great results! It all started with the first couple strategy sessions where we established client communications. That was the turning point of my business. It helped me begin to shape my overall process in away that has now better defined my work. The communications left me feeling even more confident about connecting with potential and current clients in a professional, consistent way. This left me feeling ready to expand into all the rebranding and redesign of the website! Because my clarity shifted, I have drawn steady clients ever since!
From the moment I first saw your fresh and clean design style, I knew that I needed to work with you! Little did I know, then, how much your support, in the form of Strategy Sessions, branding and website design, would impact my business. I will never forget the impact that initial work we did together had on my business. You helped me map out my client communications process, which in turn led me to feeling more polished, organized and efficient. From that point, my business blossomed, which led to the new branding and a new website. My brand and website continue to support the growth of my work. I am working on a whole new marketing plan as well as a resource package to support all of my soon-to-be and current holistic healing clients! With these new resources in place, clients will have support throughout every step of their healing journey. Thanks Rachel Greenhouse Consulting Services!

Susan Shehata,

Meeting with Rachel helped me gain a better understanding of myself and how I naturally tend to work!  We talked through my strengths and the barriers that I could potentially have as a business owner.  Rachel helped me identify realistic action steps! I am very thankful for the time we spent together and found the coaching session to be very beneficial!

Hollie Sookhai, The MN Table

Before I met with Rachel, my head was full of ideas and big questions on the purpose, direction and scope of my business, as well as the nitty gritty ins and outs of web design, marketing and social media.  She met me right where I was as a creative solo-preneur, connecting me with resources that made it possible for me do things my own unique way. She guided me quickly (and miraculously before my very eyes) toward clarity and specific next steps. This is her superpower.
I used the help I got in one session to move through several months of growth and change that transformed my practice into something I adore even more!
Even with all of this, perhaps what I appreciate most about Rachel is the effortlessly warm, generous and compassionate way she does her work. When I show up vulnerable and messy in my process, she’s right there with me, without judgment, reflecting back to me what I can’t quite see but feels oh-so-right, and connecting me even more deeply with the work I love.

Liv Sulerud, Bodywork by Liv

Rachel is great! If you’re looking for direction or a marketing path which provides results, Rachel gives customized, efficient solutions to take your business marketing plans to the next level.

Jennifer Miller, Strengths Way

Rachel is a joy to work with! Her work is impeccable and her dedication to bringing out others’ brilliance is a standout talent.

Heather Wray Isquierdo

Rachel Greenhouse is doing exactly what she was created to do!  In my few meetings with her, she has taken time to get to know me, my strengths, my vision and helped me create the marketing that aligned perfectly with what I had in my head.  Indirectly, Rachel, also helped me find my business partner which has felt like a divine appointment.  I am grateful for Rachel, her gifts, her spirit and her passion.  She has blessed me!

Brage Hanson, The MN Table

What I discovered about Rachel in our session was how easy and laid back it was, yet with full confidence and great insight about my business. Her talents are focused and clear, her experiences wide, and I walked away feeling less overwhelmed and with an armful of tools to utilize in my business.

Jennifer Salness,

My strategy session with Rachel acted like a catalyst in my professional life. During our session she was curious, compassionate and direct with me. She helped me gain clarity about how to move forward in my career in a way that truly enlivened me and utilized my strengths. The curated notes she sent me post-session provided me with several ideas on how to implement what was discovered during our session and future possible directions for greater success. I highly recommend her services.

Amy Patee,

I recently had a "Get Brilliantly Clear" strategy session with Rachel. In one hour she was able to tune into exactly where I was at personally and professionally. She then offered insights, gentle nudges, and great resources to assist in "Getting Brilliantly Clear." This was followed up with detailed notes from our session, outlining a plan of action. What I need to move my business forward were in my head and my heart-it just took Rachel's keen sense to unlock them.

Christine Hoffman, Foxglove Market + Studio

Just wanted to say how fabulous my strategy session with Rachel was on Monday! Huge insights about little things (like what needs to be highlighted in my website) and BIG things (like not letting your ideals create paralysis). Both of these insights are such a gift! I am so thankful. The strategy session was awesome, invigorating and INSPIRING ... Just like Rachel.

Jen Rives, Relationships in Context

Rachel- Thank you SO MUCH for all of the help you gave me during my strategy session. I went into it feeling like I had a million unattainable ideas buzzing around in my head, and came out of it feeling empowered, and that some marketing/social media ideas were quickly attainable. Thanks again!

Sarah Larson, Attune Acupuncture

When I met Rachel I was spinning. I had just been promoted to a wonderfully fun and challenging job and was already asking myself, what’s next? Rachel took time with me to understand my Strengths and quickly diagnosed the Maximizer in me, raising its hand. Her creative guidance has helped me note my Strengths in everyday work and identify additional opportunities to use them. The best part of working with Rachel? Her inspirational prodding to up the ante when setting goals and to dream big.

Amanda Knutson, Community Engagement Manager, Health Partners

If you own a biz, you must know Rachel! She is a wealth of knowledge and will pass that on to you in ways that will grow your brand and business.  If you need clarity and action, look no further than Rachel Greenhouse Consulting Services. She took a jumbled mess of my thoughts and ideas and created a brand (two brands, actually) that reflect not just my offerings, but me and who I am. Hurrah!

Rachel Louwsma, iSquaredCoaching and Living Fully Ever After

Rachel has real insight of design/branding graphics. Great ideas – makes you look great!

Eva Tangen, Coldwell Banker Agent

Rachel provides me with strategies to solve issues I have with being a freelance photographer, sometimes it takes someone with a fresh clear vision to help me stay on that path.  Thanks Rachel!

Mike Dvorak, Dvorak Photography

I met with Rachel for my one-on-one strategy session this morning. It was chock full of brainstorming, organizing and creating a plan that will work for my business. I am energized and excited to have these strategies in place! Rachel’s business experience, plus her ability to connect with me personally, made me feel like she just jumped right into my business with me… and the bonus? She took all the notes! Thank you RACHEL!

Liz Couchman, Stella & Dot Star Stylist

Rachel has a unique talent for quickly identifying a person’s strengths and helping them realize ways to leverage those strengths in a way that is custom tailored to the individual and works in their actual life.  If you are a business owner and you feel like you have about a million things to do and aren't sure where you are going (or how to create a clear plan of action), it is important to gain the type of clarity that Rachel offers.  This clear direction and guidance honors your strengths so that your work feels in alignment with your talents and values, while allowing you to focus on the most important pieces in order to see the results you want.  Rachel helped me realize that I don't have to "do it all."  Utilizing the clarity gained from my strategy sessions with Rachel has allowed me to focus on what is important to me and what I do best, while learning more about where I would be best served by collaborating with others or hiring out projects.  This insight is invaluable to a small business owner to prevent burn-out and create a life and business that you love!

Martha DeSante DC, CYT, Doctor of Chiropractic, Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Author, Breath and Mindfulness Educator, Back in Body


Rachel is the whole package! In 2015, HealthEast’s Well-being Champions hosted a series with Rachel for employees to discover and leverage their passion at work. Her interactive presentations were funny and on-point. Rachel’s inspirational style motivated employees to follow the easy steps she provided. The result? Employees curating their passion and well-being to better their work and lives.

Amanda Knutson, Community Engagement Manager, Health Partners

Rachel does the hard work of compiling information, then she incorporates her experience, and literally downloads it to me. I leave with the tools and a plan I can use today!

Desiree Brazelton, Spark Wellness

Rachel’s energy & enthusiasm are/is infectious! That, combined with her knowledge and teaching style make it an amazing learning opportunity and fun! She always delivers 200%.

Michael Nelson, Girl Named Michael

Rachel is great with making confusing material approachable do-able. I’m happy to leave with a plan to implement. Less confusion, more action.

Jennifer Miller, Strengths Way

I will be signing up for more classes! My favorite aspect of this class was breaking planning down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Melissa Swisher, Origami Owl

So valuable to have a few hours to really think through my business plan and social media approach with a guide and sounding board as thoughtful and expert as Rachel!

Sara Peterson, Attorney, Parkway Law

Awesome class! Learned more than I expected. Great pacing and time for individual needs and easy- to-implement tools. Thank you!

Kelly Carlson, Brow Artist , Licensed Esthetician, Reveal Sacred Skincare

You are a wealth of information, Rachel! I especially enjoy your perspective on creating attainable goals.

Kate Ostrem, 9 Open Doors

Rachel’s class was great encouragement to write what I know about.

Janet Fisher, Janet Fisher Massage


I absolutely love working with Rachel! She did a fabulous job creating my logo and my website. She really made a point of geing to know me and my business so she could create a logo that truly fit my business' personality. She is very kind, fun and always open to suggestions that I had. I still work with Rachel on an ongoing basis, she creates beautiful marketing material for my business and she does so in a very timely manner! She is willing to help me at the drop of a hat. With running a very busy business, I appreciate this so much! She is truly a professional and really cares about helping small businesses succeed. Thanks Rachel!

Sonja Boatman Anders, Spa Sweet

Rachel inspired me to dig deep and open up to the true purpose of my vision and where I want to take my business. Her encouragement allowed me to reach into my own vulnerability in order to help potential clients clearly understand who I am, my philosophies, my approach and what I offer that sets me apart. Rachel's insights have helped me develop a business strategy that provides clarity in my goals, and her expertise helped me leverage my strengths. She has been professional and thoughtful and made me feel as though I was her only focus.

Mark Glover, MA, LMFT, Connected Life Counseling

At Sonny's Ice Cream we've been so busy in the kitchen focused on our craft that marketing often gets put in the back freezer.
Rachel gets us.  She helped us cut through the overwhelm we felt in updating our identity by asking the right questions and guiding us to clarity. Like an alchemist, she took our ingredients and turned them into something Phenomenal.
Rachel's exceptional team is now creating a dynamic social media presence for us so we can keep everyone updated on what is going on in the Sonny's kitchen.

Carrie Gustafson, Sonny's Ice Cream

Rachel has a unique way of putting all your hoping, feeling and dreaming about your business into a design and look.   She reflects this across your website, written material, social media, image - everything!  Every touch point you have with a client gets the magic Rachel quality.  People feel it.

Desiree Brazelton, Spark Wellness

When I first started my chiropractic practice on 56th and Chicago Avenue, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Rachel Greenhouse. Before I met Rachel I was clueless as to what I needed to do to market my clinic effectively and within a month of working with her I felt at ease and knew that things would be going in the right direction from here on out! We initially needed to design a logo and pick out our clinic colors. She made it so much fun and things were very exciting in the beginning which drove me to continue marketing and perfecting our systems at MFNC. My clinic design, website design, and even my new Jeep Wrangler all vibe in a way that makes patients feel comfortable and at ease when they step into our office. Our office is beautiful and I could not have done this without the help of Rachel. One year later we are still working together and taking things to the next level. We have developed a niche concussion rehab site, revamped my main clinic page, designed business cards, done events, Facebook ads and flyers for specific events. Rachel, I am now helping more patients than ever and more people are finding out about our services at MFNC! Thank you!

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABBIR, Minnesota Functional Neurology & Chiropractic and Minnesota Concussion

When I started my own business I knew I needed (and wanted) a professional logo and a beautiful and functional website. I had tinkered on and off with building my own website and quickly learned the scope of my ability. It was time to hire a professional. I put the question out on Facebook for referrals and would you believe two of my clients had worked with Rachel? It was meant to be.
Rachel and I started with branding exercises and the development of my logo and I couldn't be more pleased. She captured my fun nature but also managed to weave all aspects of my business into many beautiful designs, logos, and a catch phrase. I use these images every day in my email newsletters, on my Facebook page, and when I design content for clients. She hit it out of the park.
Rachel took these beautiful designs and created a website that I am able to use and update on my own. This was huge for me. I am a blog writer, a content creator, and I hold a lot of events. I wanted to share my ideas with the world through my website. Through her layout I am able to keep the same webpage structure and add my own content. I have received so many compliments on how clean, professional, and beautiful my website is.

Lindsey Heiserman, Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

I picked Rachel without even meeting her. I saw her work, and I knew she would be perfect. I was right! The hard part was finding Rachel, the easy part was working with her. I couldn't be happier with my new logo and website!

Tata Faber, Skin by Tata

Rachel is a professional who listens.

Mark McCloskey, JMark Partners, Lead2Transform University

When I launched my private practice I knew what I wanted to do and the clients I wanted to work with. My problem was that it was all in my head and would come out in a flurry of words that made sense to me but who knows what others heard. I wanted to be succinct and clear. That's where Rachel came in. I hired her to help me find clarity and direction so I could communicate what I have to offer to the right audience.
In therapy it's critical clients feel a connection with me. I need to feel that connection to myself as a business owner.  Rachel helped me do just that. She gave me homework that challenged me to think about who I am and how I want to use that in my business. I felt connected more to who I was, what I was trying to do, and my overall message. Rachel used her innate skills to recognize and point out who I am and how it can be used in my business identity. I love how far we've gotten and am looking forward to uncovering more!

Renee Divine, Therapist

Rachel practices what she preaches. In an environment when it seems like everyone is a consultant of something, Rachel stands out from the rest! I found and contacted Rachel based on her business card and website. Her branding speaks volumes about self promotion- which was exactly the motivation I needed to help jumpstart the "overdue" online presence for my film. Rachel is a driven woman who will help you set and reach your goals. I was in a space where I felt like I couldn't possibly create a website on my own (and make a feature documentary film). After I met with Rachel, I felt relaxed and relieved. She talked me through the process and helped refocus my vision. Rachel's patience, flexibility and creativity made the final product a success!

Laura Farber, Lioness Productions, We Are Columbine Film

Rachel Greenhouse appeared at just the right time for me and my business, Pure Land Ayurveda & Yoga. I'm not even sure how I found her, but I'm so glad I did! Not only did she provide exceptional web design services, she also boosted my confidence as a solopreneur. Her wise words of advice about business strategy, social media and pricing continue to guide me. After a few years of building my practice, I look forward to working with Rachel and her team again as I take my vision to the next level!

Tricia Sletten, Pure Land Ayurveda

Rachel and her team brought my vision to life. My website expresses my business perfectly and the journey to completion was fast, fun, and fairly priced. I’d recommend her to anyone!

Juley Speed, Lakes Area Realty South

Working with Rachel and her creative and attentive manner is resulting in a clear vision and activated transition in my business! My new brand reflects the creative healer that I truly am, including artwork created by me, which reflects my passions.  I have felt supported and understood throughout the process, and am now in the final stages of realizing my new website.  I continue to gain confidence and pride in visualizing, describing, and realizing my newly formed life as an artist/healer from knowing and working with Rachel.

Maris Gilbert, Artist and Therapist

Rachel can put together both a strategic & marketing plan and is great with our small business!

John Sylvestre, Sylvestre Remodeling & Design

I worked with Rachel throughout 2014 and 2015 as I was starting my new consulting business. I love her approach to marketing - it is not cookie-cutter, but very personalized and tailored not only to my business but also to me. She took the time to learn how I worked, what was important to me, what my strengths are - and then used that information to develop my marketing pieces and website. In addition, Rachel is very fun to work with and you know she is sincerely invested in presenting your business in a way that it draws clients in. I highly recommend Rachel!

Sharyl Thompson, Higher Education Regulatory (HER) Consulting

Rachel was able to help me get to the core of what and how I wanted to communicate my business offerings. Her insight and ability to really listen and fully understand my visual style has resulted in a website that exactly reflects my personality and vision.

Susan Prince, Susan Prince Natural Wellness

The minute my site went live, I began getting non-stop client inquiries. I’m not having to develop new strategies to manage all of the clientele that have come my way. It was my inner genius combined with Rachel’s that made it possible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rachel!

Ariella Forstein, Ariella Approach

Rachel has the unique ability to reach into your Entrepreneurial soul and pull out a brand that communicates it with the world.

Kelly Carlson, Reveal Sacred Skincare

Rachel operates at a soul level. She understood my rather unusual business at a depth I didn’t expect. She combines her many skills of intuition, beautiful design, technical ability, and resource knowledge to create a marketing plan and website that captured my vision better than I ever imagined. And working with her is like being with an old friend –engaging, comforting, honest and wise. You’ll want her to be in your life forever.

Judy Tills, Peaceful Transitions

Rachel knew what questions to ask and how to get an understanding of me and what image I want to convey for my business. Then with excellent creative and artistic skills, she created a logo that I love and am proud to share. Her calm, professional manner is consistent and very easy to work with. She is very good at what she does! Rachel knew what questions to ask and how to capture the image I wanted to portray for my business. 100% satisfaction!

Janet Fisher, Janet Fisher Massage

Working with Rachel was wonderful…great branding and website process—she allowed me to come in with a strong vision, and was able to translate that into a brand. I had some specific layout and format requests, and if she didn't already know how to make my request a reality, she learned how. I guess that’s the thing that impressed me the most. It’s one thing to be a good designer and just create something with minimal input, and it's another thing to have LOTS of input from a client and make it all cohesive. Can’t say enough good things!

Susan Shehata,

Rachel Greenhouse Consulting has become a valuable partner in our self-publishing work. She is exceptionally creative and strategic, especially in terms of developing graphically beautiful and functional websites. She also does excellent work setting up social media and marketing plans. Rachel and her staff are brilliant, customer focused, easy to work with, and they deliver. It really feels like a strategic partnership rather than simply a 3rd party provider.

Jim Louwsma, JMark Partners, Lead2Transform University

While most people associate the word “creative” with design and color, Rachel pairs it with the written word. The most distinguishing factor about Niteo Tours is our mission. Conveying that mission then was a critical part of putting together our website. Rachel artistically, yet strategically, helped us crystallize our thoughts and put into words the essence of our company.

Carol Garborg, Niteo Tours

find your light. get brilliantly clear. illuminate your business.