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dividerWe're working together and we've recommended to you that you need to get some photographs done.

And we know that you're potentially annoyed with us. Because you were really hoping that we could make you look great without having to endure a professional photoshoot.

You thought perhaps we could help you connect powerfully with your clients online without ever having to show them your face.

We know it might bring up some anxiety and bad memories for you, but you've got to do this. Trust us—we've been there ourselves—and we can assure you that it will be totally worth it on the other side of this step.

Below are the discounted options she offers, just for our clients.

We've looked around, and we can also assure you that these prices represent a huge value.


As a special service just for our clients, Autumn will meet with you in person prior to your shoot so that you can get to know each other a little and discuss all of the other details that will make you feel more at ease about your upcoming session.
Click here to see a gallery of photos Autumn has taken for our clients.
Read the ringing endorsement we wrote about Autumn.


$400 (Rachel client rate)
Note: If you want to have this shoot take place at a location of your choice (i.e. at your theatre or office) the fee will increase by $50.
One hour at Autumn's studio on a week day--indoor and/ or outdoor depending on the weather--including outfit changes. We will capture headshots of you in a number of outfits and poses.
We will take some BASIC product/ object/ anchor item pictures, so that Rachel has a few additional elements to use on the website or in a marketing piece. 


$500 (Rachel client rate)
90 minutes on a weekday, at a location of your choice. We will capture a comprehensive and diverse array of headshots and full height shots, specific-to-your-business poses and settings, multiple outfits and styles.
We will take a comprehensive variety of product/ object/ anchor item pictures, so that Rachel has a LOT to choose from in designing your website and/or marketing pieces.


Autumn and Rachel will collaborate with each other and with you to art direct and plan your shoot. We will ensure that we get the shots we need as well as capture the heart and soul of you and your business.
High-resolution digital images will be provided to you directly. They will be edited, enhanced and delivered via online gallery to Rachel and to the client (that's you!) for immediate download and use, without restriction.


Autumn Lee


WE KNOW that our friend and colleague Autumn will make the experience far easier and way more fun for you than you can imagine right now. And she will make you look good. Really good. If you put your trust in her and in us, we will work together to capture what is unique about you and truly special about your business.

Her goal—and ours—is to show the rest of the world what we see in you.

Autumn's Top 5 Strengths*

Woo * Positivity * Input * Activator * Connectedness
* Read about the Strengths, according to the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ assessment. 

A message from Autumn

I am so excited to take your pictures.

Perhaps you are not as excited about it as I am. I get it. It can be nerve wracking, but please know I will take good care of you. I will make sure you look awesome!!!


It won't be painful. It will be fun, like a silly well dressed play-date. We will laugh, bond, and take great pics. It will be like when you go to the dentist and you know its gonna suck, but they talk at you the whole time and expect you to answer, which make no sense cause their hands are in your mouth and then just like that, you are done! So..... I will "pose" you and then talk at you and expect you to answer even though my camera is in your smile, and we will giggle, and you will be happy, and you will be beautifully captured and then you will be done! Just like that! Fun! Promise!

How to prepare for your shoot

Bring LOTS of clothes

No really, bring lots of shirts/ties/blazers/sweaters/blouses/etc. Grab a rolling suit case and toss some stuff in. Bring solid colors that look good on you. If you don't know what looks good on you, go to an expensive store and ask. Leave the tags on, bring them to your session, then return stuff we hate. We will get lots of different types of pictures. Which leads me to my next point.

Wear make-up

Better yet, have it done. It's TOTALLY worth it in terms of the way you will look in your photos. Plus its SUPER fun! BTW: It is completely possible to look totally natural with a full face of makeup. A good makeup artist knows how to accomplish this.
I love Sephora at Southdale Mall. Call them and make an appointment. It takes an hour to get your make-up done there. It costs $50.00 in product for the service. This means that when you spend $50.00 on products, your make-up session will be covered. My favorite artist there is a diva of a man named Jesus. And his make-up magic is heavenly.

Think bigger than this shoot

What pictures will you need in the future? Whether it's for LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog, the book you are going to write, the conference you are going to speak at, your e-harmony page, a holiday card or party invitation? Lots and lots of pics. Think of what kind of pictures you might need in the future. Bring clothes and props that support a variety of different types of picture styles and needs so that we can DELIVER MORE THAN YOU EVEN THOUGHT POSSIBLE through this shoot.
find your light. get brilliantly clear. illuminate your business.

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