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Find Your Light Branding is about achieving maximum clarity regarding your unique and authentic vision so that you can more effectively share it with the world. Our goal is to create a visual and written representation of that brilliantly clear, one and only vision.

Our partnership with you goes beyond simple graphic/ website design and copywriting. Rather, it is a strategic, collaborative process that results in a solid foundation for your business, a powerful launching pad for attracting your ideal clients, and an illuminated path pointing toward your own version of success.

As we navigate the branding + identity process together, you will:

* Gain a new level of clarity about your desired business impact and manifesto, in order to powerfully and uniquely articulate your vision.
* Learn how to position your strengths, expertise and capacity so that they are:
In alignment with, named and branded according to your unique vision; Appealing to your ideal client(s); and In support of your broader life goals.
As a part of the branding process, we will get you started by providing exercises and reviewing your results with you in a 90-minute in-person work session, the Branding Discovery Session.
Along the way, we will also discuss ways to infuse your entire customer acquisition and relationship process with your unique brand at each step. We will problem-solve aspects of your business as they relate to your overall business growth strategy, will identify and articulate key aspects of your messaging, and answer these questions, among others: "What problem will this solve? Which emotional and urgent need will it meet?”

We’ll work with you to create—in words, visuals, and branded pieces—an identity system that is strategic and compelling enough to shine a spotlight on what you have to offer, even when you’re not in the room.


To get started, schedule a Get Brilliantly Clear Strategy Session.

full spectrum package


*  Guided brand development process, including 3 hours of strategy sessions and a written brand synthesis
*   Logo design with a variety of branded elements, delivered in a number of print- and digital-ready formats via Dropbox
*  Up to 4 branded pieces, in print- and digital-formats (i.e. business card letterhead, appointment card, social media graphics, website header)
*   Brand Illumination Guide, PDF reference documenting your custom fonts, color palettes, and branded elements
Clarity package


Maybe you put a quick logo together when you started your business, but now it’s not getting you where you want to go. Perhaps it’s not connecting you with the right clients, not communicating effectively who you are and what you do, and not connecting for you energetically. Even if you have a business name and logo that you are satisfied with, you may still find yourself in need of more clarity and depth in your business identity as you grow.

If so, it’s time for a clarifying branding + identity process, resulting in a powerful platform for your next stage.

We’ll guide you through a series of illuminating steps that will expand your awareness of how your experience, passions and strengths lead like a flashlight toward your core business identity and business growth strategy.
We’ll meet for a Get Brilliantly Clear Strategy Session so that we can comprehensively evaluate your needs and goals for the future of your business. We’ll then create a customized package for our clarifying collaboration, which may include any of the following and more:
• Marketing Strategy • Professional Copywriting • Ideal Client Profiling • Messaging Development • Visual Design • Art Direction • Promotional Concept Development • Strategic Evaluation of Marketing-to-Date • Branded Client Experience • Re-Design of Branded Pieces
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