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All new clients being working with us via a GET BRILLIANTLY CLEAR STRATEGY SESSION

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Are you seeking clarity? Creativity? Focus? Perspective? Support as you make a decision or prioritize an overwhelming list of new responsibilities?  Explore how to launch your business idea, evaluate why you're business seems to have stalled, get back on track with a goal, strategize your social media and blogging efforts, or brainstorm a fresh idea.


These highly-focused, strategy-oriented sessions are designed to illuminate where you should—and shouldn't!—be investing your time, money and energy as an entrepreneur and small business owner. We’ll also discuss how to optimize your Top 5 Strengths* in your daily activities and harness them as you develop your business model. We’ll identify areas where you might want to garner the strengths of internal and external collaborators in order to maximize your results.


Strategy Sessions are frequently booked on a monthly or quarterly basis, and offer an opportunity to reevaluate goals, assess progress, troubleshoot issues and refine your messaging/ marketing in a one-on-one with Rachel. They can be a great source of encouragement and motivation, and offer a touchpoint in a livelihood that sometimes feels isolating.


A strategy session is a fit for nearly everyone, whether you're seeking insight, clarity, focus, ideas, or encouragement. It's a great opportunity to:
* Launch a business venture * Evaluate why something in your business is stalled * Seek support navigating a transition * Tackle a new goal * Clarify something you've been thinking about for months...or years * Get back on track with a dream * Strategize a brand or plan out a social media schedule * Find out how to articulate and implement a marketing plan * Solicit feedback on an idea or challenge * Hear about local resources to meet your current business and life needs * Focus your business practices better around your life priorities


These highly-focused, motivational sessions are designed to illuminate where you should—and shouldn't!—be investing your time, money and energy as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

Each Strategy Session includes:

  • A marketing/business self-assessment questionnaire, and the results of your StrengthsFinder Assessment, with review by Rachel prior to your meeting
  • One-hour in-person, phone or Skype session, including a review of your Top 5 Strengths,* answering questions and discussing strategy as they pertain to your self-assessment and business goals
  • A PDF summary of our discussion, along with a resource-rich set of recommendations and prioritized action steps, customized and curated just for you.
To prepare for a Get Brilliantly Clear session, you will fill out a self-assessment and send it to us for preparatory review. This information, as well as instructions for taking the StrengthsFinder Assessment*, will be sent to you when you schedule your session.
After your Strategy Session, you'll receive a powerful, customized tool in the form of a customized PDF.  This document will contain your Curated Notes and Recommendations. The information you receive will affirm what we discussed in your session. As a result, you'll have a clearer understanding of how we can optimally add our skills to yours in order to bring your vision to life.
Whether that's through a new brand, customized copy for your marketing materials, a full-service blogging and social media plan, a sparkly WordPress website or something else strategically and creatively perfect for your current situation, we can connect you to nearly everything a small business needs to grow and thrive.

Ready for your session?


  • A marketing/business self-assessment, with review by Rachel prior to your meeting
  • One-hour in-person session
  • Follow up PDF of notes, prioritized action steps and recommendations, curated just for you!


$225, introductory rate for this session  (Value $425) $15   StrengthsFinder Assessment*
Payment (check or credit card) is due in full at the session.


Rachel typically meets with new clients on Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings and afternoons. She is typically booking 3-4 weeks in advance, as there are only 2 new client sessions offered per month, in order to meet the needs of current clients.


Rachel meets with clients at her office in South Minneapolis. If you are unable to get to Rachel's office, she can also meet with you very effectively via phone, Skype or Facetime. For directions/ parking information, click here.


Contact Lori Peterson, Client Relationship Manager via email or by phone at 612-916-2678. FOR NEW CLIENTS, the 2 sessions available each month are listed on YouCanBookMe.


If you already have your Top 5 Strengths and can share them with us, there's no need to take the assessment again. If you aren't familiar with the StrengthsFinder™, you can read more about it here.
If you need to take the assessment, we can order it for you, share instructions for how to complete it, and add the $15 fee to your invoice for payment at your session.
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