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12 to TRANSFORM Program

Here's your chance to be one of the first to learn about the powerful new program I'll be launching this fall!

Saturday, July 28th from 7 to 8:30 pm at The Rachel Greenhouse Agency in South Minneapolis

There's just one opportunity to discover all of the juicy details and experience this program for the first time.

We'll be opening the doors and inviting applications beginning September 28th and we'll welcome our first cohort of 12 women in November 2019.

What am I launching?

I'll be sharing all of the exciting details--and giving you an experiential taste of--my brand new "12 to Transform" Program!

I'm excited to share what I've been working on all year, with women like you (and me!) in the forefront of my mind. I decided that I want to communicate the details in person rather than simply share a webpage with those who are interested.

There's zero obligation to sign up if you come to the launch event and there will be no hard sales pitch. In fact, I'll be strongly recommending that you take a little time before committing--but not too much, because each time I offer this program it will be thoughtfully curated to support the transformation of just 12 women at one time--to ensure this program is the right next step for you.

Why does it matter so much?

This program is the culmination of everything I've worked on and learned since the age of 25, as I've relentlessly sought a path filled with purpose, authenticity, impact and joy.

Who is it for?

This program is designed to engage, equip and empower women who are driven to discover their gifts, optimize their strengths and develop their leadership capacity so that they can have an impact and contribute within a wide range of contexts and roles.

These women:

  • Desire to lead and have a significant impact in their own ideal sphere of influence;
  • Are committed to self-awareness, self-love, ongoing growth and development;
  • Dedicate themselves to taking responsibility for their own lives with courage and authenticity, fully accountable to self and others;
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset, meaning that they naturally identify problems and ways to improve on or challenge the status quo. They seek to create and enact innovative solutions in response to what they see;
  • Are highly driven and committed to progress. They aren't seeking to go AROUND their challenges and limits, but they are eager to go THROUGH them as efficiently as possible;
  • Commit to making the most of the opportunities of the present day while doing the essential work that leads to emerging on the other side, possessing an entirely new level of awareness, living and working with exponential effectiveness;
  • Are ready to invest significant time, energy and resources to attaining their full potential and achieving their goals and dreams
  • Act rather than complain, accepting what "is" while steadfastly working toward creating what they believe is entirely possible;
  • Own their successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses with equal pragmatism and confidence;
  • Intentionally seek support and community with others of like mind. They don't expect to be fully taken care of nor are they entrenched as caretakers who decline the opportunity to receive from others in kind;
  • Persist in addressing obstacles and limits to get to the "next level" in life, work and relationships, as defined by their own priorities, values, capacities and measure of success.

Note: This program is not intended solely for business owners, though participants who are business owners will be given opportunities to meaningfully engage with other participants who are business owners, i.e. in a focused cohort. Nor do potential participants even need to have an established profession of any kind, whether paid or unpaid. Any woman who resonates with the list of qualities above is encouraged to apply. This program will also be 100% applicable to non-business owners.

For a more detailed sneak peek into what I've been creating and why WATCH MY VIDEO on YouTube

Please note: This program will be delivered primarily IN PERSON with additional support being offered via Zoom. If you are not in this geographical area and therefore unable to join us for our monthly gatherings, this program will not be an option for you.

If you're interested, please fill out the registration form below. There's no fee to join us, but we do expect registrants to arrive on time and be ready to fully participate.
If you're on the fence, please wait until you're sure you'll attend before signing up.
  • We will never share your information with a 3rd party and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • If your answer to this question is yes, we’d love to know who that person is for planning purposes!
  • Literally ANYTHING goes here...just share with us what you're thinking about, frustrated by, etc.!
  • Note: It’s not necessary to be a business owner to participate in this program and attend this particular event; we’d just like to know for planning purposes. There are no *wrong* answers possible. Define things any way you wish!
  • Unless it's truly an emergency, no-shows are not an option (as you might imagine, a last-minute no-show could throw off crucial elements of this event)
  • This highly-intentional event requires everyone being here for the entire timeframe or we won't be able to deliver the maximum benefit for everyone.
  • Thank you!

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to these questions! You'll receive a copy of your submission via email. NOTE: Should your plans change, we’d appreciate hearing from you 24 hours in advance of the event so that we can plan accordingly. Thanks!
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