Rachel and her talented team help visionaries, startups, and business owners focused on growth, attract and convert customers through customized strategy, design, content, and digital solutions. We start in the right way so that we end up in the right place. Few things are as fulfilling to us as digging in to understand someone’s challenges, and developing a strategic solution to address them.

We start in the right way, so we end up in the right place.

Beginning with a 75-minute Strategy Session with Rachel, we invest time and effort into getting to know you, asking lots of questions and assessing your marketing in the context of your business priorities. We evaluate where you’ve been in order to understand where you are now. We help you articulate exactly where you want to be next, so that we can identify the right path to get you from here to there. This is strategy at work.

Once we uncover your challenges, articulate your difference, identify your sales objectives and set the strategy, we design your growth-focused marketing activities with your specific end in mind.

The specific steps we lay out for you will depend on our findings, your goals and the available resources. However, the plan will always be made up of some combination of the elements identified on the left, so that we can leverage our proven process in support of your success.



Perfectionism will prevent you from getting to where you want to go.

Invest in creating a foundation with strong messaging that compellingly communicates how your unique product or service will transform people’s lives.

Put the tools in place to help you distribute that message visually and in writing to the right people.

Back up what you communicate through a top-notch customer experience.

Provide easy ways for happy clients to share your business with their contacts, both online and in person.

Be consistent and dogged.

Plan the work and work the plan.

Our perspective is that marketing is not a game that has to be learned and played. As Damon Johns (Fubu CEO) said, "The easiest thing to sell is the truth."

We believe that marketing is most successful when you uncover what is REAL and TRUE and UNIQUE about you and simply, clearly find the right way to share this with the world.

In other words, we believe that understanding who you are and what you truly want to achieve will result in more AUTHENTIC marketing efforts and more POWERFUL business planning.


* Provide thoughtful, personalized, clear and caring communication to each other and to our clients.

* Be highly responsive and provide exceptional follow-through on our commitments.

* Demonstrate initiative and joy in the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.

* Derive satisfaction from the completion of tasks, no matter how big or small, and contribute to a shared goal.

* Express gratitude for our work, our clients and for each other.

* Leverage solid organizational skills alongside remarkable creativity.

* Bring passion, drive and big picture thinking to every activity.