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August Lunch & Learn

August Lunch & Learn


On August 1st, we’ll be hearing from inspirational Author, Speaker and Entrepreneurial Coach Cardiff Hall.

Cardiff is a Results Expert and Productivity Coach who helps solo entrepreneurs, small business owners and CKG executives increase their revenue through focused and customized productivity coaching.

While maintaining a successful full-time career as Business Development Manager for Del Monte Foods, committing significant time to his role as husband and father, and running his coaching business, Cardiff has also written a book entitled Tide Turners which received a #1 new release on Amazon and was selected for international publication. His programs takes entrepreneurs and small business owners through the EMIT Framework™, which has increased their influence, income and legacy. Cardiff’s coaching style is personal, genuine and inquisitive. Working with Cardiff builds a platform for elevated success.

August Lunch & Learn Presentation

No successful business owner can afford to spend all of his or her time just being “busy”; results come from knowing how to invest our limited time into the right activities.

PRODUCTIVITY AND BUSINESS SUCCESS: How Prioritizing Efficiency Everyday Will Help Achieve Your Most Vital Goals (30-minute presentation)

WHO THIS IS FOR: Entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners who seek to accomplish more of their vital goals by raising their productivity every day!

Cardiff will discuss one or two key points within each of the 4 sections of his EMIT Framework™:

E – Explore
Explore current activities. Investigate your motivations and feelings behind your current state of productivity, where stress originates, and how to implement disciplines effectively.

M – Makeup
Identify your inner voice and the stories we tell ourselves. Re-align your inner conversation to produce productivity in the areas you desire to maximize.

I – Implement
Establish an optimal flow for each day, establishing individual MIPs (Most Important Priorities), and determining influencers to increase confidence in your capabilities.

T – Tools
Discover key tools to impact your performance and keep your new habits in effect.

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Doors open at noon (bring your own lunch and we will provide the beverages, napkins, cutlery and comfortable setting!) and the presentation will begin promptly at 12:20. At 12:50 we’ll have time for a Q&A with Cardiff and we encourage you to also get to know some of the other great people in the room.

Download Cardiff’s Speaker Sheet here (PDF)

Speaker Sheet Cardiff Hall

What others say about Cardiff

“The first time I saw Cardiff on the main stage at a leadership conference I witnessed Cardiff’s true superpower, public speaking. Cardiff is a dynamic speaker with a motivational message that touches hearts both young and old. He is a storyteller at heart and he has a way of pushing every member in the audience to take action. I am confident that Cardiff would come prepared and equipped to deliver at any event he puts his name to!” – Mary Lindgren Valloni, Owner and Nonprofit Consultant,

“Once in awhile you meet someone who exudes endless positive energy, makes you smile, and inspires you to be the best version of yourself. One of those individuals is Cardiff Hall. Cardiff’s contagious attitude complements his passion for helping others pursue their purpose and provides the tools they need to sustain their transformed lives.” – Mark LaMaster, Author, Speaker, Coach

“Cardiff is one of those people I am blessed to have in my corner. I had the pleasure of working with him when he went through one of my online programs, and because of that experience, he and I are now in the same mastermind group. I’m always impressed with his passion and genuineness to help others exceed and achieve no matter the circumstances. And his creativity and approach to helping others is critically needed in today’s business environment. I continue to benefit from Cardiff’s knowledge and positive approach, and know others are lucky to have him on their side as well.” – Joel Kessel, Kessel Communications,

“Cardiff is a man on a mission. I’ve been deeply impressed with his clarity and courage. He is a brilliant connector and implementer.” – Kary Oberbrunner, Author and Coach,

“The lunch and learn today was absolutely phenomenal! It was such an engaging presentation and one of the best I’ve seen!” – Alicia Smith, Regus Area Manager

“I am now able to really prioritize my activities into what is most important and really accomplish much more than what I thought was possible without feeling exhausted.” – Trista Ainsworth, Chef, The Cheery Chef

“His enthusiasm and excitement is contagious. After working with Cardiff, I came away with more clarity, determination and dedication to the project.” -Kathy Binner, CEO, Kathy Binner Companies

“Definitely worth the investment! I have clarity and also walked away with some clear “action steps” on what I need to do for me personally. It gave me the encouragement to really look at my life and focus on the things which are the most important.” – Dalia Franco, Owner-Operator Raw Mane Salon