Edison Quote on Failure
My NO THANKS Word for 2019: Failure
While many people have chosen a Word of the Year to guide their focus and provide inspiration in the upcoming 12 months, I've selected a...
RGA Multi-Use Space
Co-Working at RGA
REGISTER NOW Do you have some projects you REALLY need to accomplish this month? Are the laundry and dishes (at home) or the loud espresso...
RGA Suite 404
RGA space available for selective rentals!
Our BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL 1900-sq ft creative and professional space is now ready for other businesses to enjoy! Check out the latest photos below. I personally designed...
What’s keeping you from getting it done?
What keeps you from getting started on something you know you should do, perhaps even want to do? Or perhaps it's that you want to...
Live and learn
Live and learn, right? We can all relate to this statement, but these days I use this phrase most often in the context of my business....
get busy
Get busy
Even if you think you might make a mistake, even if you believe you're not ready, even if you fear that you're unqualified   Inaction...
A good journey
Where are you headed? Even if you don't know exactly where you'll end up, are you open to what's coming next? We'd love to know! We've...
Following the light
Following the light
I'm reminding myself of this quote as I prepare to take another BIG leap in my business next month: I'm preparing to invest in a...
Dressed in overalls
Learn to discern
"To make your dreams come true, you don't so much need to take massive action as you need to take inspired action. Learn to discern."...