LandL FB Event 052219
How to WOW your next event!
Come learn about optimizing your exhibitor/ trade show/ event presence. You'll receive lots of tips--from two veteran exhibitors and event planners--designed to help you better...
STOP Random Acts of Marketing
Marketing is on every business owner’s mind, but it often falls to the bottom of his or her list. Why do you think that happens?...
Are you ready for change?
In a world of almost exclusively online customer outreach and instant gratification, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and like you don’t know where...
Marketing changes people
Marketing changes people. That’s what marketing is for. Marketing is the act of telling a story to an audience that wants to hear it, a...
You are not pizza. Gather some ideal client intelligence!
I know very few people who don't like pizza. Sure, there are lots of people who don't eat pizza on a regular basis...after all, it's typically...
The forgotten fourth step of marketing
Seth Godin wrote about looking at marketing in four steps. From invention to design to implementation, the first three steps are predictable and exciting. Then...
Work backwards
Product development isn't about coming up with something you think is great and then finding a way to sell it to someone. Loyalty-inspiring products result...
Does your operational reality match your marketing promise?
I would imagine that when clients come to see me for a Get Brilliantly Clear Strategy Session, armed to the eyeballs with pressing marketing issues, they...
Get shining
Clarify + empower
What is the WHY behind everything you do? When we know this in life or design it is very empowering and the path is clear....