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Charming private office for rent

CHARMING PRIVATE OFFICE for RENT in our creative agency space.


  • Convenient South Minneapolis location (near 46th Street exit off 35W + Portland Ave)
  • Plenty of free street parking
  • Quiet, residential neighborhood
  • Just blocks from 48th & Chicago commercial district (restaurants, shops & other services)
  • Shared outdoor green spaces w/ seating
  • Recently renovated, fresh paint and walls
  • Approximately 70 sq. ft. (6 ⅔ ft in x 10 ½ ft)
  • Fresh paint, completely updated building
  • Hardwood floors, 10 ½ ft high ceilings
  • Heat and A/C
  • Commercial mailing address
  • Accessible restroom
  • High-speed internet
  • Use of full kitchen

OPTIONAL (for additional fee)

  • Use of meeting and presentation areas
  • Basement storage and/ or additional workspace
  • Use of inkjet printer


$550 monthly (6-month term)   or   $500 monthly (12-month term)

Exterior 404 East 48th Street

This opportunity will best suit a business owner who:
  • Enjoys occasional company but doesn’t crave a ton of daily activity
  • Is relatively quiet and focused when working, but not easily disturbed by occasional and minimal outside noise (i.e. people walking by to use the restroom or kitchen across/ down the hall)
  • Appreciates an aesthetically appealing workspace
  • Prefers a relatively clean and neat environment
  • Doesn’t mind working with the door closed if necessary to achieve privacy
  • Doesn’t need a window right in his or her office (the larger office space has tons of natural light and windows, but this private office does not)
  • Holds in-person meetings fairly infrequently and would need to meet with a maximum 1 or 2 people at a time in his or her private office (this is due to the petite size of the office as well as the proximity of other people potentially working in the areas nearby)
  • Appreciates the opportunity to work with some flexibility and variation of schedule
  • Is adaptable to other people and groups sharing the larger space in a variety of ways
  • Would enjoy the occasional companionship of other business owners
  • Has a startup or established small business and is looking for opportunities to grow
  • Might want occasional or consistent access to additional space for storage, photoshoots and creative projects, and/or might want to be able to host meetings, presentations, workshops or retreats in the larger space