Here's how it'll work: We'll have our doors open between 9:30 am and 3 pm. Drop in at any point during that time and stay as long--or as little--as works for you! Around 11:30 am, we'll facilitate a casual 30-minute session for the group, incorporating some learning, sharing and connecting with others. If you don't want to participate in this session, there are plenty of places here to go off on your own and your choice will be supported either way.

We can't wait to share our beautiful space with others, so please consider inviting a friend or colleague to come along! We can accommodate up to 35 people very comfortably, with table space for 26 and comfy couches and chairs. Plus, the outdoor garden seating is another great option!

The per day fee is $40 and we'll provide drinks (coffee, tea, sparkling and filtered water), napkins, cutlery, plates and a variety of light snacks (including some brain-nourishing proteins + healthy fats, plus at least one gluten- and dairy-free option.)

You must register in advance to attend though, so please click on the big button below to take care of that little detail.

Location: 404 48th St. E., Minneapolis

Co-Working registration