P/T Graphic Designer

OPEN POSITION: Graphic Designer
Posted: 02-17-2020

The Rachel Greenhouse Agency (RGA) has a part-time opening for a key marketing and client support position in the form of an experienced graphic designer and creative content developer. This diverse role will be responsible for creating digital concepts, designs, illustrations and layout marketing materials in print and digital format, as well as participating in a variety of agency-related activities.

The ideal candidate will be a skilled designer who is motivated to apply a broad skill set to his or her role and duties. Maturity and responsibility, as well as genuine passion for the agency’s work and that of its clients, are essential. Those who love nurturing plants and people, creating spaces and experiences that are both beautiful and productive, and consider hospitality essential to good customer service will thrive at this agency. Note: If you're already an addict of shows like "Stay Here" and "The Profit" you'll probably understand what we're doing here and why.

Attention to detail is a must, and the successful candidate will be able to multi-task and switch between duties with few challenges. They will be creative, highly detail-oriented and able to provide original, high-quality content that resonates with our clients. Although not required, experience with Adobe XD and creating WordPress design mockups is a major plus. If you’re not already familiar with these platforms, you’re willing and excited to learn!


The core purpose of this role is to assist the CEO and Marketing + Client Experience Specialist with a variety of graphic design activities in order to meet client needs and provide critical, diverse support to The Rachel Greenhouse Agency as it grows. This role will report to the Marketing + Client Experience Specialist. The right candidate will be a skilled designer who is motivated to create not only for its own sake, but also in order to create authentic, lasting connections between brands and their ideal audiences.


Graphic Design: You are comfortable designing from both a “blank slate” and within the context of an established brand. Writing often plays an important role in our projects, so thinking and designing with words is intuitive to you.

You have a strong sense of concept development in addition to communication, collaboration, research, problem-solving and presentation skills. You’re proficient in the Apple platform, Keynote, MailChimp and the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Creative + Production Support: You will assist with the production of graphic collateral, packaging, display and advertising projects. Typical duties include preflight formatting of print collateral in addition to collecting, processing, checking and uploading files. You have solid knowledge of the printing process, packaging files for print and web, keen attention to detail as well as troubleshooting skills.

You’ll also help oversee RGA’s social media presence, while also capturing and packaging content for other uses (e.g. portfolios, pitching, and presentation needs). You are comfortable flexing between projects, including making quick pivots, so as to serve the larger creative flow, unexpected client requests, or team deadlines.

Web Production Artist: You’ll prepare art for online production and incorporate content, including graphics, video, text and related links, into websites. You’ll also manage graphics and production requests, plus maintain web production schedules. You’ll use your skills in the Adobe Creative Suite and other web design software to prepare a variety of file formats and optimize graphics for the web.

If you’re not already familiar with WordPress and creating design mockups for websites, you’ll be excited to learn! At times, this may involve designing “in the browser” to creatively problem-solve.


1: Graphic design, content creation and marketing execution

✓ Create images and develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts for brands, products, print and digital collateral, ads, social media, signage, websites and more
✓ Prepare design concepts according to client message and brand
✓ Develop materials for desktop and mobile websites and other digital projects
✓ Proofread and review final layouts for accuracy and recommended improvements
✓ Create branded content for agency e-newsletters and social accounts, posting appropriate to each context, fostering and measuring audience engagement
✓ Participate in brainstorming meetings, proactively share ideas, work in collaboration to develop concepts, incorporate new ideas and provide innovative recommendations to advance the agency, its clients and events
✓ Collaborating with team members to articulate and leverage social media, PR and marketing opportunities consistent with elevating the agency’s brand

2: Hospitality, event and site help/ miscellaneous tasks as requested

✓ Participating and interested in assisting with site management, agency-sponsored gatherings and events; helping to set-up, tear-down and everything in between, on a daily basis and in support of occasional meetings, events and space rentals.


✓ Cultural fit with The Rachel Greenhouse Agency brand, approach and core values
✓ A creative vision for brand-building with capacity to create compelling, beautiful design work that authentically captures and elevates a client’s brand
✓ Paying attention to emerging trends and creative platforms that fuel design and imagination
✓ Proven ability to cultivate genuine relationships
✓ Demonstrated problem-solver with proactive approach to addressing challenges, possessing the ability to identify and resolve (or escalate, as relevant) complex problems with minimal guidance
✓ Ability to move projects forward without being told what to do; can effectively prioritize work with an ability to organize + mind details while meeting deadlines in a fast-paced environment
✓ Confident and self-aware, comfortable interacting with diverse people in a broad range of settings
✓ Adaptable, proactive and eager to learn and grow (coachable)
✓ Conscientious, with a strong aptitude for initiative, genuine joy in work and personal responsibility
✓ Commitment to an authentic, open and positive communication style, with written and oral communication skills that leverage honesty, empathy, clarity and connection
✓ Proactive communicator; rather than hang back and wait, you share your ideas and invite input
✓ Capacity to see the big picture while simultaneously tending to all of the crucial details
✓ Creative, with an eye for good design and natural marketing strengths
✓ Natural affinity for designing and thinking with words, as the two are frequently paired in our projects
✓ Balanced approach: Cares about reducing costs and increasing profitability, while equally motivated to deliver a client experience that goes far beyond expectations
✓ Genuinely excited about engaging with a small business team, viewing all tasks as critical to our success, whether big or small, visible or behind the scenes


✓ Proven graphic design experience with a strong portfolio created on the Apple platform utilizing Adobe Creative Suite
✓ Experience working with multiple clients and a variety of projects simultaneously
✓ Exceptional attention to detail in content creation within overall project
✓ Excellent organizational skills, working on numerous projects in a fast-paced environment
✓ Collaborative and strong communication skills within a team setting
✓ Ability to synthesize information into concise and compelling messages
✓ Highly proficient in all design aspects and leading software technologies
✓ Professionalism regarding time efficiency in relation to costs and deadlines
✓ Demonstrated experience designing for social media (creating content and posting to a variety of platforms)
✓ Eagerness to learn the tools we use, if not already familiar with them: Basecamp, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, iMessage, Zoom, and Google Calendar.
Bonus: ✓ SEO and other website development tools/programs (especially Adobe XD.) Experience in photography, video and/or podcasting production is also a strong plus.


Part-time (20 hours per week) spent at The Rachel Greenhouse Agency offices in South Minneapolis. Some flexible and off-site hours will be considered when appropriate, particularly in compensation for the work responsibilities that occasionally take place outside of typical office hours.


The salary range being offered is competitive for the role and context as described. However, the specific salary will be negotiated with the successful candidate based on criteria such as range and depth of experience, breadth of skills and natural strengths to contribute not only to this role but also to the growth of the agency as a whole.


The Rachel Greenhouse Agency (RGA) works with business owners and leadership teams in a wide range of fields and stages of growth, whether they're ready to launch something brand new, struggling with the challenges of growth, or considering a pivot/ rebrand of a business, brand, product or service. In business for 16 years and headquartered in South Minneapolis, Rachel and her team value genuine collaboration, meaningful communication, authentic relationships and high levels of mutual trust.

Equal parts creative and strategic, Rachel’s core commitment is to get to know each client’s unique story, brand “difference,” existing strengths and key challenges from the very beginning, so that she can quickly grasp the big picture and understand how she can most contribute to getting the business from where it is now to where it wants to be. By asking the right questions, Rachel simultaneously ensures that no crucial detail is overlooked as she generates a customized, thoughtful and innovative marketing solution for each business challenge presented.