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Ditch Networking + Start Building Community! February 2020 Lunch + Learn

Ditch Networking + Start Building Community! Lunch + Learn with Suzi Hunn

February 5th, 2020 noon to 1:30 pm RSVP Cloud

Old-school notions of networking are holding too many good people back from genuinely connecting and collaborating.

In this interactive session, you’ll be encouraged to let go of your antiquated ideas about networking. 

Instead, you’ll learn why it’s time to build a community of collaborators, mentors, cheerleaders, and clients and you’ll leave inspired to connect with more authenticity and confidence.

Suzi Hunn will share how she developed this approach while beginning her own business, as she sought to establish a network for referrals.

Suzi will lead our group through an interactive session centering around her “Build Community Worksheet,” encouraging participants to talk about what lights them up, explore their unique strengths, write a compelling question about a problem they want to solve and start building a warm crew of alignment.

Suzi Hunn

This session is a great fit for… 

»  Solopreneurs  »  Community leaders  » Team players who want to expand their reach  »  People seeking a new path to career fulfillment »  Artists and creators »  Business owners and leaders  »  Recent college graduates and…

Anyone seeking authentic ways to build community and participate in genuine conversations around shared passions.



Read Suzi’s blog post, “Why Self-Employment Is Part of My Destiny.”

Your audience craves empowerment.

Unlocking your audience’s full potential keeps you up at night. You have knowledge they need, but spurring behavior change is another story.

What if your audience began to own your message, not just hear it? What if your learning community empowered each other to tap their full potential? What if you broke through the barriers of old-school teaching?

At Teach Your Thing, we help small businesses change the world through teaching what they know. Let’s use 21st-century teaching strategies and leverage digital tools.

While we’re at it, let’s make sure we think big.