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The forgotten fourth step of marketing

Seth Godin wrote about looking at marketing in four steps. From invention to design to implementation, the first three steps are predictable and exciting.

Then there’s the fourth step. The step where you “show up, regularly, consistently and generously, for years and years, to organize and lead and build confidence in the change you seek to make.”

Often, this step¬†gets forgotten. We think the hard work is done once we’ve implemented our great idea. But consistently showing up is what turns that great idea into a success.

Marketing plans are a great way to guide you through these steps and help you to show up, day after day. However, marketing plans tend to cause panic with people. They can feel overwhelming and impossible. But breaking them down into these four “steps” is one way to make them not seem overly complicated.

In our class, “The No-Stress, High Impact Marketing Plan,” we’ll teach you how to ensure that you are not spending time, or money, on marketing efforts that might be “fine” but don’t contribute to your bottom line or move you towards your desired destination.

This class is a great way to really dig into your 2017 goals and get started on a realistic yet impactful plan for your business. It is approximately 30% education and 70% hands-on-planning, with my availability to assist a small group of attendees on the spot. It is a less intensive and less expensive option for those who don’t have a budget for a one-on-one marketing planning strategy session, but who would still like access to my expertise at this key time of the year.

The intent of this class is to give our clients (and other attendees) a strong head start on their marketing planning process for 2017.

I’ll share some streamlined information on what I believe are critical aspects of marketing planning for small- to mid-size businesses. For example, the things I believe you should be concentrating on and the things that are ok to let go of. We’ll provide planning templates that we’ll walk through together, using real life examples from your businesses. You’ll have homework to complete prior to attending this class and the more time you can spend preparing, the more beneficial this class will be for you–and your business.

We’ll also share what I believe to be the essential marketing principles to consider while planning:

  • how to focus in on what can realistically be achieved with resources available to you;
  • how to queue up your planned activities so that they are most likely to contribute to accomplishing your specific business’ goals for the upcoming year.

But the most important thing to remember?

Don’t invest your time and money in a marketing plan and then forget the fourth step:

Do the daily work that leads to the change you seek to make.