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Headshots Day

GET LIT! at RGA: BRANDING, HEADSHOTS + CONNECTING on Thursday, February 27th, 2020


Join us for RGA’s first Headshot Day!

Thursday, February 27th  9:30 am – 2:30 pm

The Rachel Greenhouse Agency
404 E. 48th Street, Minneapolis 55419  Google Maps
See photos here! 

Fee: $225 per person, 9 spots available

Are you in need of some updated photos, but don’t want to commit to a full-day photoshoot?

Or maybe you know you need some photos, but can’t find the time to coordinate a shoot on your own?

Perhaps you know that you need new or better photos, but don’t have any idea where to start: How do you know what to ask for, who to hire, what to wear, and how to best present yourself?

We feel you. Getting great photos can be time-consuming, expensive and overwhelming. 

The good news: RGA to the rescue!

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We’re offering our first-ever headshot day! Come visit our Clubhouse on Thursday, February 27th and commit to a 60-minute session, during which time you’ll be the focus of our expert team. 

Not only will you leave with some fabulous, fresh photos on deck, you’ll walk out our door feeling great about who you are, clearer about presenting your authentic self in the public, and with the boost of confidence that comes from spending time with people who care about your success. 

Your session includes:

♥ 30 minutes: Photography with Autumn Lee (30 finished + edited images ready for print and digital use)

♥  10 minutes: Brand Clarity Mindset Conversation with RGA’s CEO and Brand Strategist, Rachel Greenhouse

♥  20 minutes: Makeup and hair touch-ups with Kelly Handevidt

Before and after your session, enjoy the beautiful, light-filled RGA space. We’ll provide light refreshments, space to mingle and prepare for your shoot, plus opportunities to connect with other participants!

Please note: Sessions should only last 1 hour, however when reserving space in your calendar, please be sure to reserve 1.5 hours to reduce any rushing! Frenzy-free photos are the best photos!


Meet your Headshot Day Team

Autumn Lee♥ Autumn Lee, Photographer

I am so excited to meet you! Most importantly I am excited to play, because that is what we are going to do…photo play! There is a lovely ideal when it comes to expec­tations for professional photos: We want you to look like the most competent, welcoming, relevant, profoundly intelligent, wildly socially connected (while not trying too hard, of course) version of your authentic self. I promise to take the very best care of you. I will listen carefully to what Rachel and her team tell me about you, your brand and your marketing needs. I will pay attention to what you share about yourself, your hopes and your worries. At every step of this process, I will work hard to ensure that you’re comfortable, cared for, and that we capture the VERY BEST photos of you, while genuinely having fun together along the way.

Rachel♥  Rachel Greenhouse, Owner/Founder of The Rachel Greenhouse Agency 

I’m a brand strategist and business growth specialist who helps visionaries, entrepreneurs and business owners attract, convert and cultivate relationships with target audiences through customized strategy, design, content, digital marketing solutions and business ownership advising.  I look forward to hearing your story soon!


Kelly HandevidtKelly Handevidt, Makeup Artist





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Things you should bring with you to your shoot

♥ Bring 4-5 outfits that are season neutral and channel different aspects of your business (one might be an outfit you wear when interacting with clients, another might be one you wear when leading a presentation). We will reviews these with you on the day-of, to help select options that will photograph and represent you the best based on your branding goals (your time with Rachel will help you get even clearer on that front!)

♥ Please come photo ready! A clean and moisturized face that has natural make-up if you wear any (foundation, light blush, neutral eye, etc.) and hair styled however you prefer is key. Touch-ups on-site will include cleaning up flyways, maybe adding a lipstick, etc., however full-face makeup and hairstyling is not available.

♥ Photos are an opportunity to show yourself and your brand in a new light, but they are also meant to be fun. Come ready to play!


Q: Will you edit the images?

A: I will “enhance” the pictures a bit. That means I will make you look rested. Yes, I DO have a filter for that. 🙂 If you happen to get adult acne, have an insane shaving disaster, or are attacked with a permanent marker the night before pictures, fear not. I will TOTALLY photo patch you up.

Q: What if you can’t get good photos of me because I hate getting my picture taken?

A: Want to know a secret? I HATE getting my picture taken too. And…I love a reluctant photo subject! It will make the awesome results of our photoshoot even sweeter for me, because you will LOVE your images. I will even show you some of the pictures during the session, as we click, so you’ll be able to see how things are going and can share input if you want me to adjust what we’re doing during the session. This will raise your confi­dence and keep you involved in the process.

Q: When can I expect to receive my photos?

A: Typically, it takes me approximately two weeks to cull and edit the images. However, I will com­municate my progress to RGA and they will keep you in the loop regarding when to expect your final gallery.

Q: Will you be sharing all of the images you cap­tured with me, or just some of them?

A: ALL of the amazing images we take during your shoot will be included in your gallery. I include any and all images that I think have worth for ANY reason, even if it’s simply because the image is sil­ly-fun or has blog/social media potential because it captured a quirky moment.

Q: Do I need to give you credit when I use one of the photos?

A: Please share my name when asked, but you do NOT need to photo-credit each of my images. When you hire me to capture you through one of these packages, I’m creating images that are 100% yours to print, use and share as you like. There’s no need to distract from your message with a photo-credit unless you just want to.