Optimizing Your Website and SEO: Our June Lunch & Learn

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June Lunch and Learn


In June, Michele Bergh of Bergh Consulting will kick off our summer Lunch & Learn series with a presentation on small business websites and the latest wisdom with respect to SEO (search engine optimization.) Michele is a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience when it comes to small business marketing and she’ll also leave some time to answer questions from attendees.

Does the subject of search engines and your business fill you with anxiety? Here’s your chance to learn what you need to know in an efficient and enjoyable setting, for just $25.

The ever-wise and calming Michele Bergh will be sharing her expertise on SEO (search engine optimization.) This 30-minute session will be packed with the latest information and top-shelf recommendations for business owners seeking clarity and direction with websites and SEO. If you’d like to do some preparation in advance, check out our blog post on SEO here. It’s not nearly as relevant as Michele’s presentation will be, but it will give you a preview of some of the general principles we share.

EASE your OVERWHELM and be energized by connecting with Michele and other business owners. Registration will close on Tuesday, June 19th at 3 pm.

Register now to ensure your spot at our table!