The Power of Branding

4/24/19: The Power of Branding: Why "Different" Matters so Much


Led by Rachel Greenhouse, Rachel Greenhouse Agency

Discovering and articulating what makes you naturally stand out from the rest of the field is what BRANDING is all about. In our post-consumer world where options abound, brand clarity--whether for an organization or an individual--has immeasurable value. The result of a powerful Brand Discovery Process is clarity, confidence and an even stronger guiding purpose.

Identifying how to authentically share your brand's differentiators with others is the essence of marketing, so unless you take the time to understand your brand first, your promotional efforts can feel like a frustrating series of "Random Acts of Marketing." In this session you'll learn about Rachel's 3 "D"s of Branding and walk away with a set of clarifying assignments you can work through on your own. 

“If only I'd known my differentness would be an asset, then my earlier life would have been much easier.” ― Bette Midler

Rachel Greenhouse is a brand strategist and grassroots marketing expert who helps visionaries, entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners attract and optimize opportunities to utilize their natural strengths, resulting in greater impact for clients, audiences, communities and the world.

What Hiking 2658 Miles Taught Me About Business Leadership

5/15/19: What Hiking 2650 Miles Taught Me About Business Leadership


Led by Joel Swanson, Mile One Teams

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5/22/19: How to WOW Your Next Event


Presenters: Rachel Greenhouse, The Rachel Greenhouse Agency and Kellie Martinson, Total Health Fairs Minneapolis

How to WOW your next event!
Come learn about optimizing your exhibitor/ trade show/ event presence. You'll receive lots of tips--from two veteran exhibitors and event planners--designed to help you better engage visitors and maximize your ROI, i.e. how to get a better return on your investment of time, energy and money!
We'll even have sample displays up as live examples of what we're teaching you.

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  • Maximum 20 people


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