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Moving + Expanding

I hinted at this happening, but it’s now official: we’re moving to a new office in mid-May! It’s the kind of space I’ve been dreaming about for a while, and suddenly here it is. It’s even closer to home than my current office, it has dedicated parking, a back deck, crazy amounts of direct light (faces south and west) and it’s just two blocks from Lake Nokomis.

There will now be ample space to expand my business as I’ve been envisioning. This spacious storefront offers a big creative work area that will serve as a classroom/workshop space where our team and clients can connect to brainstorm and strategize. It will also be available for rental to clients who want to offer their own workshops and gatherings for small groups. Additionally, there will be a private office for rent by the half- or full-day, perfect for clients who don’t have an office space of their own but could benefit from access to a professional setting on an occasional basis.

Painting, Decorating, Planning

13116236_907946009324568_4361900743318420947_oTo see photos of the new office, visit the Facebook page. There’s painting and decorating to be done, but the prospect of all of that productive space opening up to us is already intoxicating! So much so that the planning has already begun. A red couch is a MUST, as is this rug, which I already have.

If you had an empty space, ready for you to completely redo, what would you put in it? Any favorite shops or websites? I’d love your input as we get ready to take on this very big, very exciting, project! We have a Pinterest board for some group brainstorming and if you’d like to be added as a contributor, let us know.

Save the Date

Get it on your calendar, our grand opening party will be Thursday, October 6th, from 4 to 8 pm in our new space (5163 Bloomington Ave Minneapolis 55417). Consider this your invite and we hope to see you then, if not sooner!


My dear friend, Pete Sandvick, created this wonderful illustration of the new space. You can see more of his work here

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