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October Lunch & Learn 10/24

You Are Worth It: What’s Holding You Back?

Lunch and Learn Info

Led by Louise Griffith of One Shining Light, Internationally-recognized speaker, success coach, author and psychologist of 28 years

Did you know 8 out of 10 professional women fail to reach their full potential because of limiting beliefs? Limiting beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious developed in childhood, hold us back.

When you decide you are worth it, no matter what your “it” might be, you are making a conscious choice and often take a leap of faith. The result can be stepping into the magnificence of the shining light you truly are. Your time is now! ~ Louise Griffith

Louise has met and worked with hundreds of amazingly talented professional women who hold themselves back from pursuing their goals and desires, achieving the results they want, and exploring options available to them. It’s true that limiting beliefs sabotage the proven process of success. One of the ways that limiting beliefs hold us back is they short-circuit the journey to a richer, more exciting, abundant and fulfilling life.

Here’s why you should attend:

You’ll learn how to trust what you know, challenge your limiting beliefs and move into the brilliance of who you truly are.

You’ll walk away with a roadmap to:

• Learn ways to increase confidence now that feel easy and fun
• Uncover and capitalize on your personal assets
• Be the author and narrator of your own true story – choose to be the victim or victor

Your participation in this one session could change the outcome of your entire year!
– Aren’t you worth it?

Inspirational, Motivational, Transformative

Louise empowers her clients to get clear about what they want so that they can go out and achieve it.  She works with people who want to understand what makes them tick and motivates them to take action in a positive and productive way.  Her training deals with the core issues that stand in the way of performance and demonstrate how people can be their best on a daily basis. Louise inspires us with life-changing insights and motivates us to discover our gifts.