Thank you for all the hard work on everything. You and your staff have been

Daniel G. J. Lane BA (Adv), BS, DC, CCEP, DACNB, FABBIR
Board Certified Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board
Fellow of the American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation

Mid-Atlantic Brain and Neurological Rehabilitation

A HUGE thank you to you and your team for helping me brand my business. I’m so
appreciative of all the talented individuals at RGA. From start to finish, the process
has been a pleasure.

Courtney Dingman, Founder and Chief Scout

SCOUT Strategic Donor Research

I am forever grateful to Rachel Greenhouse for my website and the journey I took with her and the whole team along the way.  I can only begin to describe just how
rich and deep this experience has been... I came to her agency with a clay slab of
ideas and passions and after my assigned homework, some soul-searching and a
very smart refining process with Rachel and her team, I left with a beautifully
created sculpture!

Rachel’s expertise was valuable to me at every step of the website
and branding process. She gave me strategic ideas for projects and revenue streams
that I had not yet thought of. Her positivity and encouragement and the kindness
and professionalism of the entire team made even the hard work run smoothly.

I believe that when clients visit my site, they can accurately get a feel for who I am
and what I can do for them. My website is warm, clean and easy to navigate. Having
a site that is intuitive, informative and educational while still being able to tell a rich
story is beyond my wildest expectations!

A sincere thank you to everyone at The
Rachel Greenhouse Strategic Marketing Agency!

Pamela DeWitt-Meza

Founder, Create Impact Consulting

I hired The Rachel Greenhouse Agency to help take my current business and create
stronger roots by establishing a better brand, marketing materials and a website. 
The process was life-changing for me.  It forced me to consider where I really
wanted my business to go and Rachel and her team helped me to better define it,
and as a result they created a logo, materials and a website that was better than I
had dreamed of.  I am especially thankful for the quality of people Rachel has on her
team with various expertise to help me along the way.  They were patient yet helped
to keep me on track to meet my goals.  I am so thankful that I decided to hire The
Rachel Greenhouse Agency, and it was well worth every penny!  Thank you!

Julie Sampson

Founder, Innovative Growth, LLC

Thank you for your guidance, your knowledge and insight into my journey. I am a
firm believer of those you live in the light, there will be those who come along to
illuminate the light. So this Thanksgiving I say thank you and look forward to your
guidance and knowledge in helping me illuminate my light for others to shine.

Cardiff Hall

Author of Tide Turners, #1 New Release on Amazon

I saw Rachel when I was struggling to start my consulting business. I had a lot of self
doubt and esteem challenges. I didn't have a focus on what to do next because I was
blinded by my fears and anxiety. Rachel really took the time to know me. She was
able to help me focus on my strengths and reminded me of what I was capable of
doing. In my short time with Rachel, she helped me gain clarity on my personal and
business directions. She's compassionate and wise and gave me some great
recommendations on resources to help with business. I highly recommend working
with Rachel Greenhouse Consulting!

Mei Pak

Tiny Hands and Creative Hive

Rachel is a joy to work with! Her work is impeccable and her dedication to bringing
out others’ brilliance is a standout talent.

Heather Wray-Isquierdo

Wray Consulting, LLC

When I started my own business I knew I needed (and wanted) a professional logo
and a beautiful and functional website. I had tinkered on and off with building my
own website and quickly learned the scope of my ability. It was time to hire a
professional. I put the question out on Facebook for referrals and would you believe
two of my clients had worked with Rachel? It was meant to be.
Rachel and I started with branding exercises and the development of my logo and I
couldn't be more pleased. She captured my fun nature but also managed to weave
all aspects of my business into many beautiful designs, logos, and a catch phrase. I
use these images every day in my email newsletters, on my Facebook page, and
when I design content for clients. She hit it out of the park.
Rachel took these beautiful designs and created a website that I am able to use and
update on my own. This was huge for me. I am a blog writer, a content creator, and I
hold a lot of events. I wanted to share my ideas with the world through my website.
Through her layout I am able to keep the same webpage structure and add my own
content. I have received so many compliments on how clean, professional, and
beautiful my website is.

Lindsey Heiserman

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

When I first started my chiropractic practice on 56th and Chicago Avenue, I was
very fortunate to be introduced to Rachel Greenhouse. Before I met Rachel I was
clueless as to what I needed to do to market my clinic effectively and within a month
of working with her I felt at ease and knew that things would be going in the right
direction from here on out! We initially needed to design a logo and pick out our
clinic colors. She made it so much fun and things were very exciting in the beginning
which drove me to continue marketing and perfecting our systems at MFNC.

My clinic design, website design, and even my new Jeep Wrangler all vibe in a way that
makes patients feel comfortable and at ease when they step into our office. Our
office is beautiful and I could not have done this without the help of Rachel. One year
later we are still working together and taking things to the next level.

We havedeveloped a niche concussion rehab site, revamped my main clinic page, designed
business cards, done events, Facebook ads and flyers for specific events.

Rachel, I am now helping more patients than ever and more people are finding out about our services at MFNC! Thank you!

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABBIR

Midwest Functional Neurology & Chiropractic and Minnesota Concussion

Rachel has a unique way of putting all your hoping, feeling and dreaming about your
business into a design and look.   She reflects this across your website, written
material, social media, image - everything!  Every touch point you have with a client
gets the magic Rachel quality.  

People feel it.

Desiree Brazelton

Spark Wellness

When I launched my private practice I knew what I wanted to do and the clients I
wanted to work with. My problem was that it was all in my head and would come
out in a flurry of words that made sense to me but who knows what others heard. I
wanted to be succinct and clear. That's where Rachel came in. I hired her to help me
find clarity and direction so I could communicate what I have to offer to the right

In therapy, it's critical clients feel a connection with me. I need to feel that
connection to myself as a business owner.  Rachel helped me do just that. She gave
me homework that challenged me to think about who I am and how I want to use
that in my business. I felt connected more to who I was, what I was trying to do, and my overall message. Rachel used her innate skills to recognize and point out who I
am and how it can be used in my business identity.

I love how far we've gotten and am looking forward to uncovering more!

Renee Divine


Rachel practices what she preaches. In an environment when it seems like everyone is a consultant of something, Rachel stands out from the rest! 

I found and contactedRachel based on her business card and website. Her branding speaks volumes about self promotion- which was exactly the motivation I needed to help jumpstart the 'overdue' online presence for my film.

Rachel is a driven woman who will help you set and reach your goals. I was in a space where I felt like I could't possibly create a website on my own (and make a feature documentary film). After I met with Rachel, I felt relaxed and relieved. She talked me through the process and helped refocus my vision. Rachel's patience, flexibility and creativity made the final product a success!

Laura Farber

Lioness Productions, We Are Columbine Film

Working with Rachel and her creative and attentive manner is resulting in a clear
vision and activated transition in my business! My new brand reflects the creative
healer that I truly am, including artwork created by me, which reflects my passions. 

I have felt supported and understood throughout the process, and am now in the
final stages of realizing my new website.  I continue to gain confidence and pride in
visualizing, describing, and realizing my newly formed life as an artist/healer from knowing and working with Rachel.

Maris Gilbert

Artist and Therapist

Rachel can put together both a strategic & marketing plan and is great with our
small business!

John Sylvestre

Sylvestre Remodeling & Design

Rachel has the unique ability to reach into your Entrepreneurial soul and pull out a
brand that communicates it with the world.

Kelly Carlson

Reveal Sacred Skincare

Working with Rachel was wonderful…great branding and website process—she
allowed me to come in with a strong vision, and was able to translate that into a
brand. I had some specific layout and format requests, and if she didn't already
know how to make my request a reality, she learned how. I guess that’s the thing
that impressed me the most.

It’s one thing to be a good designer and just create something with minimal input, and it's another thing to have LOTS of input from a client and make it all cohesive. Can’t say enough good things!

Susan Shehata

The Space Guru™

Rachel operates at a soul level. She understood my rather unusual business at a
depth I didn’t expect. She combines her many skills of intuition, beautiful design,
technical ability, and resource knowledge to create a marketing plan and website
that captured my vision better than I ever imagined. And working with her is like
being with an old friend –engaging, comforting, honest and wise. You’ll want her to
be in your life forever.

Judy Tills

Peaceful Transitions
Janet Fisher Massage

Rachel knew what questions to ask and how to get an understanding of me and what
image I want to convey for my business. Then with excellent creative and artistic
skills, she created a logo that I love and am proud to share. Her calm, professional
manner is consistent and very easy to work with. She is very good at what she

Rachel knew what questions to ask and how to capture the image I wanted to
portray for my business. 100% satisfaction!

Janet Fisher

Janet Fisher Massage

I absolutely love working with Rachel! She did a fabulous job creating my logo and
my website. She really made a point of geing to know me and my business so she
could create a logo that truly fit my business' personality. She is very kind, fun and
always open to suggestions that I had. 

I still work with Rachel on an ongoing basis, she creates beautiful marketing material for my business and she does so in a very
timely manner! She is willing to help me at the drop of a hat. With running a very
busy business, I appreciate this so much!

She is truly a professional and really cares about helping small businesses succeed. Thanks Rachel!

Sonja Boatman Anders

Spa Sweet

Rachel inspired me to dig deep and open up to the true purpose of my vision and
where I want to take my business. Her encouragement allowed me to reach into my own vulnerability in order to help potential clients clearly understand who I am, my philosophies, my approach and what I offer that sets me apart.

Rachel's insights have helped me develop a business strategy that provides clarity in my goals, and her expertise helped me leverage my strengths. She has been professional and thoughtful and made me feel as though I was her only focus.

Mark Glover, MA, LMFT

Connected Life Counseling

I needed help to create a logo and website for my new business. I now have a beautiful logo that I can proudly show when I talk about the school and the website is great.  I had heard good things about Rachel and she was friendly, smart and easy to work with. I appreciate kindness, good communication and excellent work. I found all three.

Marcia Meredith

Founder, Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda

I felt that my online presence did not reflect my identity or offerings. Since we have started working together, things are more in alignment and flow, my message is clearer. Rachel was interested in the insides of my business. I feel confident sending my website link to people now.

Angela Del Fiacco, MLT

Angela Del Fiacco Therapy

Rachel Greenhouse and her staff were fun and easy to work with. Their professional guidance and feedback were helpful in guiding us through our website and business design.

Pam McDonald and Allie Gervais

Dishing With My Daughter

Before working with Rachel and her team, we didn’t have enough time or the right skillset to tackle the marketing updates we knew we needed to reflect how our business had grown.

We chose RGA because they are small business oriented and have a strategic and creative perspective that is different from ours. With their team’s support, we have updated our logo, website and sales packet, and we have an aligned brand strategy. Their clear recommendations and ability to move projects forward resulted in the achievement of our goals. They handled everything from start to finish and we are very happy.

Derek Lee

Waterfront Restoration

I think the best part of the process was receiving the Brand Discovery Synthesis from you. I still refer to it a lot when making decisions or looking for the right words to describe some of my process. There was something incredibly valuable about having someone tell you what they see from the outside. It has made it much easier for me to define what I do, to articulate it and to stay on that path. I have really appreciated using this as a tool in my business. It was a very valuable process to me.

DeAnne Williamson,