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Rachel’s Cheatsheet: Putting the Top 4 Social Media Platforms to Work

Last Thursday afternoon I taught a class on what I consider to be the top 4 social media platforms available to businesses today: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 

After I had finished teaching, there were a few hot-burner tips for each platform that remained with me for days–knocking around in my head so to speak–so I had the idea to write them down, in the form of a “cheatsheet” for my business owner students to reference.

And of course it then occurred to me that you might also find this one-sheet useful. So, here it is for downloading and sharing!

top 4 cheatsheet

Obviously my e-books on the same topic go into a LOT more detail, but sometimes an at-a-glance version is what’s needed as a visual reminder of just how simply–yet powerfully–social media can be used to impact your business.

If you’re curious to learn more about social media and the role it can play in your business, you should definitely check out the full 3-hour class, which I’m offering again on June 10th. After this one, I won’t be offering the class until fall sometime.


I hope to see you in class!


Rachel xo

p.s. This would be a great image to pin (hint, hint!) See the button below? It’s easy!