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Are you ready for change?

In a world of almost exclusively online customer outreach and instant gratification, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and like you don’t know where to begin in today’s market. You worked hard to build your business from the ground up, then hit a wall with the words “But What’s Next?” splattered across it. They echo in your head for weeks before you settle on a decision. Then you are faced with more decisions. How to enact it? How to put your vision onto paper?

It’s like starting all over, again.


Knowing when to ask for help is an essential tool in running your business.


You deserve it. You deserve to be comfortable in whatever decision you make and to know that it’s what’s best for you. You deserve answers to questions you have mulled over for years and to see those answers come alive. You deserve to bring life back into what you love rather than frustration and patience. All you need to do is figure out if you are ready to take it on. Here are some signs you may be ready to make a change:

  1. You’ve hit the wall

All of the little things that never really mattered or were easy are piling up. The list of things to do seems endless and you find yourself thinking: “if only someone could just do this I could focus on this other thing…”

  1. Ask yourself: “How many times a day do you find yourself thinking “Someday…”

You feel like the changes you want will never come. You tell yourself someday these things will be a reality. Someday seems really far away and even thinking about it can be exhausting in its own right. 

  1. Everybody’s a critic…

Everyone is giving you advice! You didn’t ask but you shall receive. Maybe they are picking up on your readiness for change. They see you wanting to take the next step and are trying to help in the only way they know how! By telling you what they would do.

  1. The competition you once respected is now a source of envy

You once admired your competition for their differences and had a healthy respect for your common purpose within the market. But lately, you find yourself seeing their business plan and feeling envy or distress at how “easy” they make it look.

  1. Your dream feels unrealized even though you thought you were there

You put everything you had into it and it just doesn’t feel finished! The office is unorganized, the employees are slacking, your regulars are flaking. Any number of things begin to go wrong and you feel like the vision you once had is beginning to blur.

What to Do

If change is what you need to get back your dollars then it is time to re-think how you do things. What improvements would you like to see? What do you want to stay the same? Ask yourself honestly these kinds of questions and write it down. Having a conversation with yourself about what’s next is the first and most important thing to do.

Then, let us help. Change is just around the corner and we are here to help and support you through it with a new strategy and business plan. Even if you decide not to go through with it you will always know what’s next when you are ready.

In our Small Business, Big Impact: Marketing Planning That Fits workshop, we’ll show you how to make decisions about marketing based on your specific goals.

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