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The STRATEGIC WEBSITE AUDIT is completed by a team of RGA professionals who possess a range of expertise and experience in website strategy, design, development, SEO, digital marketing and copywriting. We'll evaluate your site on the front-end (customer facing)
and back-end (administrative side.)

We will assess key criteria in these categories:





If you feel like your site needs an update but have no idea where to start or how much to budget, which changes to prioritize or who to ask for help, our objective and comprehensive assessment will offer you some much-needed DIRECTION and CLARITY.

Do you feel like your site doesn't reflect you?

Has your business outgrown what your website communicates?

Are you intimidated by the prospect of searching for someone to help you update your site because you're not sure what you need?

Does your site look like everyone else's?

Is your website difficult to update?

Due to the wide range of variables involved in website development and design, website fees (and results!) can vary tremendously.

Since we know that a STRATEGIC APPROACH to marketing activities makes a dramatic difference in potential impact, we always begin website redesign projects with a thorough assessment of the current site as well as a clear understanding of what the client wants to change and why.

This process ensures that our recommendations are driven by your goals. A powerful strategy, derived through thorough discovery and resulting in a detailed plan, leads to a better return on your investment.

We will assess key criteria in these categories:


Is the site visually appealing? Does it communicate your brand differentiators? Does it feel dated? Is it stylistically out-of-step with you, your service or your industry? Is it compelling enough to keep someone visiting your site long enough to learn something new or take a desired action?


Does the site function properly? Do pages and images scroll in and out as they should? Are all of the links working? Is the backend of the site clean and up-to-date? Are the tools utilized to develop the site stable, sustainable and secure? Is the site’s structure and technical set up optimized for stability and SEO?


Does the site communicate clearly and professionally? Have spelling and grammar received the attention they deserve? Will it be clear to the average person what the business does and how it does it? Will the site visitor see him or herself in the “story” the site shares about the business and the difference it makes for its clients? Is the messaging strategic, going beyond just sharing information to inspiring action and creating connection?


Is it easy/ intuitive to navigate the site and find what one is looking for? Are the Calls to Action clear and easy to find, i.e. are the options for what a site visitor can do next targeted, visible and well explained? Is the navigation both short and long enough to achieve interaction and further exploration? Is the site taking the customer on the intended journey, in support of the business’ specific and strategic goals?

We will evaluate your site's:


We will focus on no more than 4-7 key pages of your site--depending on site size and complexity of content—i.e. Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog. As we collect information to begin your assessment, you will also have the opportunity to let us know if there is (are) a particular page(s) you would like us to include.


We can only evaluate the backend of your site if your site has been created in WordPress. Our baseline recommendation for optimal functionality and SEO is to build your site using WordPress. If your site currently resides on a different platform (i.e. Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace) and you are willing to move it to WordPress, we can perform an assessment of all front-end aspects of your site and the price will be slightly reduced.


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"I hired The Rachel Greenhouse Agency to help take my current business and create stronger roots by establishing a better brand, marketing materials and a website.  The process was life-changing for me.  It forced me to consider where I really wanted my business to go and Rachel and her team helped me to better define it, and as a result they created a logo, materials and a website that was better than I had dreamed of. 

I am especially thankful for the quality of people Rachel has on her team with various expertise to help me along the way.  They were patient yet helped to keep me on track to meet my goals.  I am so thankful that I decided to hire The Rachel Greenhouse Agency, and it was well worth every penny!  Thank you!"

Julie Sampson, Founder, Innovative Growth, LLC