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Romancing your work ( + who you work with)

I think it’s probably pretty obvious that I adore what I do.

And I am besottedly in love with my fabulous clients.

After all, they do things like this:



The whiteboard outside of my office











And say things like this:

Hiring Rachel was the best decision I made when forming my business! She has helped me dream bigger than I ever imagined I would. She is able to help me clarify all the swirling thoughts in my head and she puts words onto paper that make me look better than I ever could. My website is fantastic and I get a ton of compliments on the colorful design. I hire her often to create documents for me because she can do it faster and better than I ever could. HIRE HER! – Rachel Olson Coaching

And offer all kinds of amazing things to the world–giving me the opportunity to be a small part of their brilliance.

Like this:

EKC homeAnd this…

Ariella Approach Banner

And this…

Spark Wellness Brochure

  And this!

Rachel Olson Flyer

——————————————————— it any wonder that I get butterflies every day when I open up my laptop to read your emails or turn the key in the door to my chic little office?

I’m not exaggerating about that, by the way. 

What about you?

Are you wondering what it means if your heart doesn’t ever beat faster at the thought of how you’re going to spend your day?

Or what to do if you don’t feel an emotional connection with what you do, who you do it with, where, why or how you do it?

You might need a little nudge to admit that what you’re doing–in any or all of these areas–is not working for you.

That the matchmaker you hired to find your soul mate set you up with your cousin instead (believe it: this actually happened to a friend of mine.)

Or maybe…you are in love with your work, but something about your relationship with it isn’t working. 

And you need help figuring out how to get out of the friend zone and back to romancing your career. 

As Danielle LaPorte says:

“If it’s not working, you get to give it up – quickly, just like that. Quitting is a form of enlightenment, I tell ya. Yes, success is gritty business. You’ve got to hustle your bustle. You’ve got to eat intensity Wheaties for breakfast. But there’s a difference between happy rigor and inane slogging. Slogging doesn’t work. It just doesn’t.”  Read more here

If you need some support while you get clear about what is working and what truly sucks for you, get in touch.

You deserve to have a work+life+you relationship that makes your heart go pitter patter. <3

A Get Brilliantly Clear Strategy Session could help you to reignite that romance.

More joy + fulfillment will be yours when you commit to bringing your unique voice and vision to the world through a deep passion for your life’s work.

Affectionately yours,

Rachel xo