Getting started with Rachel Greenhouse

All new clients begin working with the Rachel Greenhouse Agency via a GET BRILLIANTLY CLEAR Strategy Session with Rachel.


RACHEL'S GOAL is to ensure that whatever work we do for and with each client is going to leverage his or her resources, time, and money into the greatest desired impact. Through this lens, even the smallest project needs to be conceptualized in the right context and in support of the client's big picture goals.

So, OUR COMMITMENT to attaining optimal results for our clients is the reason we won't ever create a one-off brochure or throw a small website together without getting to know a client and his or her business first.

As a business growth strategist and marketing specialist, Rachel's role is to collaborate with each client to build a STRONG AND ASPIRATIONAL FOUNDATION for his or her specific business vision and desired growth.

Each session includes:

  • Thorough advance review of your Becoming a Client Inquiry Form by Rachel
  • One 75-minute in-person, phone or Zoom session to focus on your business goals, questions, and story
  • Customized PDF of notes, prioritized action steps, and resources, curated just for you!
Get Brilliantly Clear brochure

Within 1 week of your session, Rachel will send your curated recommendations and resources via a customized PDF.

This document is intended to provide you with a STRATEGY FOR MOVING FORWARD TOWARDS YOUR GOALS. It serves as a written guide for the months ahead, articulating your top marketing needs and our proposed solutions at this point in time.

The PDF typically takes an additional 2-3 hours for us to pull together because it is so individualized to each client's situation and it is intended to have an immediate benefit for your business, regardless of whether or not you move forward with further work with our agency.

Post Strategy Session, you will have much more clarity regarding where you can proceed on your own, and where you might like to secure additional support from The Rachel Greenhouse Agency, or elsewhere.

Through evaluating your new client form, focusing on your specific needs and problems during our meeting, and following up with your customized PDF, our intention is to provide prioritized action steps and relevant tools to help you move forward with newfound clarity and momentum.

Would you like a bit more clarity on what this entails, and whether we're a good fit for each other?
Schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call with Rachel.

Fee & Payment

$350, introductory rate for first session  (Value $650+)
$20   StrengthsFinder Assessment, if needed*

Payment (check or credit card) is due in full prior to the session.

Getting Scheduled

You may schedule your Strategy Session with Rachel here.

If you have questions about becoming a client or working with The Rachel Greenhouse Agency, please schedule a clarity call, or contact Rachel via email.



Rachel meets with clients at her office in South Minneapolis. If you are unable to get to Rachel's office, she can also meet with you via Zoom. For directions/ parking information, click here.


If you already have your Top 5 Strengths and can share them with us, there's no need to take the assessment again. If you aren't familiar with the StrengthsFinder™, you can read more about it here.

If you need to take the assessment, we can order it for you, share instructions for how to complete it, and add the $20 per person fee to your invoice for the Strategy Session.


HAVE QUESTIONS before jumping in?