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Does your tattoo tell your story?

This post on branding asks the question: Does your tattoo tell your story? Or, what is your unique version of the Sat Tat?

Erin Kelly Counseling‘s weekly Sat Tat blog theme + Twitter campaign–launching soon–offers us a great example of how to make a brand go beyond “what someone does” to who that person is and what she/ he cares about in a way that is truly memorable.

While it’s obvious from her business name that Erin’s a counselor, what makes her stand out in a room of her colleagues is her particular set of passions, interests and life experiences. This is the essence of her identity and the foundation for her brand.

For example: She loves kickboxing, the Green Packers, her cat and Cadbury Cream Eggs. Oh, and did I mention that she LOVES the Green Bay Packers?


She gets SUPER excited about helping young people learn to love themselves and overcome their fears.

Erin has a ton of admiration and respect for first responders. She’s sought out additional training and experience so that she can support them when they’re facing particularly challenging situations.

She’s inspired by the inner strength of women who’ve lived through trauma and abuse and/ or have struggled with eating disorders.

Another of Erin’s interests is tattoos. She’s fascinated by how a tattoo becomes a symbol of identity, intention and personal history.

So, incorporating this personal passion into creating something unique and valuable to offer through her business was a natural for Erin. Her Sat Tat series will serve as inspiration for a community of brave people overcoming difficult experiences in their past and making a commitment to a new way of life.

I’m a big believer that many of our absolutely best marketing strategies come so naturally to us that they feel as easy as the proverbial “falling off a rolling log.” 

By weekly blogging and tweeting the Sat Tat, Erin is thinking and acting “beyond her brand.” In other words, while this effort certainly connects to her brand and more importantly–to how she looks at the world and those she serves–it’s not directly and literally related to the one-on-one counseling or group training sessions she offers.

Instead, she’s figured out a way to utilize her personal passions and the transformations she seeks to help people make, to connect and inspire the people with whom she most naturally identifies and wants to attract to her business. She’s initiating the relationship with prospective clients by providing a space of belonging for them, a place to feel understood and inspired to take action.

Has this got you thinking?

How could you do something similarly creative and “beyond your brand,” yet illuminating of you and your business?

What’s your version of Erin’s tattoo? Does it tell your story?

The world awaits.

Rachel xo

p.s. Check out Erin’s brand new brand + website (yes, created by lucky ol’ me) here.