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We’ve been thinking about you!

Dear friends:

Meghan and I have been a bit quiet the last few days and wanted to let you to know that we are still very much “here”; fully present, reading your updates and feeling you all!

We’re fostering some big plants for a middle school teacher friend and it feels a bit like a jungle in The Clubhouse. Slim Shady has been in the office most days since there are no in-person client meetings or events for the foreseeable future and he appears to have zero regard for the COVID-19 realities most of us are thinking about 24-7. We’re finding his version of “Zen” to be a useful reminder that we have the choice to remain calm, no matter what happens!

The “real” Slim Shady

We’ve been sharing our baby spider plants with the broader community while keeping a social distance and just put a bunch more outside this morning. It has been a means of connection for us during this time and it has been gratifying to hear from so many people that this has cultivated moments of joy and offered a useful field trip for the quarantined crews!

Regarding the business:

We’re working on our own priority pivots (of course) and have our own set of significant challenges for which we don’t have the solutions quite yet.

Yet, in the day-to-day, we are investing most of our talents and time into thinking about you.

We are creating some virtual offerings to support you in our own uniquely-RGA way—determining the best way to have an impact with our strategic, creative and virtual gathering skills.  We wanted you to know that we aren’t avoiding the realities nor are we immune to the emotions that we’re all experiencing at this time. We care about responding, just in the right way and at the right time for us, and with your highest good as our driver.  We’re challenging ourselves to find creative ways to meet your most pressing needs without simply replicating what you can already access through others. And, we’re sensitive to not simply adding to the “noise” of what you’re seeing and hearing, without first giving what you specifically need from us due consideration.

In the meantime, we are very much here for you. Reach out, even just to say hello!  Send us a message! 

We’ve been carrying on with our client work while creating what comes next. We’ll hopefully be able to share more information on those fresh offerings next week, and you’ll be seeing our first in the Weekly 7 e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to by clicking the image below!  If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can see the first Weekly 7, which we sent out today, by clicking here. 


your weekly 7

Beyond our branding, marketing and business growth expertise, we care about fulfilling a role that offers:

1. Authentic, high-touch ways for you to connect with others

…sharing the same struggles, having similar conversations and exploring like-minded questions.

2. Access to a wide variety of vetted resources

…which might benefit you, your life and/or your business, but which you may not have discovered on your own. We are literally ALWAYS thinking about our clients and community, watching what is happening and considering how it might impact you. We’re curating resources and ideas in anticipation of what you might need next, and we’re doing that now, more than ever before.

3. Broad emotional and tangible support

…rooted in deep resonance with the challenges of your individual journey and of our collective vision. Like you, we’re passionate about contributing to a more equitable, powerful, healthy and joyful world. In our role, we can have an impact by clearing a path for ourselves and for others to do that…through supporting better ways to create and collaborate, through modeling innovative thinking and working, and by fostering empowerment in each and every person we encounter.


If you have some suggestions/ requests you’d like to share about how we can help you keep going during this time–we, like you, believe that we will get through this and be in an even stronger, more clear and creative position on the other side!–we would love to hear about them.

Send us a message! 


Rachel (and Meghan!)