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What Hiking 2,658 Miles Taught Me About Business Leadership

Joel SwansonThe Pacific Crest Trail runs 2658 miles all the way from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington.

In April of 2009, Traction/ EOS Implementer Joel Swanson took a break from the consulting world and set out north from the Mexico border. Five (5) months and six (6) pairs of shoes later, he arrived in Canada an exhausted, triumphant, changed person.

Being a natural learner and thinker, Joel’s business mind did not take a break during this hike even though his career did. He learned many lessons on the trail that apply as directly to the business world as they did to a grueling five-month hike and will be the first to admit that his current success as a Professional EOS Implementer is directly tied to how he learned and grew during that adventure.

Joel at the Mile 1 marker

Joel at the PCT Mile 1 marker, ready to head out on his 5-month adventure.

Joel will happily answer questions about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in addition to sharing 3 key business lessons he learned from his own experience:

Business lesson 1:  Go to Gemba

Business lesson 2:  Embrace the Risk with the Adventure

Business lesson 3:  Mile One

Attendees of this presentation will learn how many of the challenges Joel faced translate to business, and will leave inspired to embrace the challenges and risks they encounter both personally and professionally.

Joel Swanson, EOS/ Traction Implementer and Owner of Mile One, will share business lessons he learned while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT.) Note: Joel’s presentation will be approx. 75-90 minutes.

05/15/19 noon to 2 pm Register here