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I'm a brand strategist and business growth specialist who helps visionaries, entrepreneurs and business owners attract, convert and cultivate relationships with target audiences through customized strategy, design, content, digital marketing solutions and business ownership advising.

Over the last 15 years of being a business owner, I've learned first-hand just how resilient and adaptable small businesses must be to survive.

Though my approach has remained the same, my offerings have evolved over the years in response to my clients' emerging needs and alongside my own professional development.



I've cultivated my natural capacity to think and act strategically. The fact that I can make swift decisions to let past realities go in order to make room for what has to happen next has enabled me to keep moving forward through some very challenging stages of growth. And this strategic lens has given me the capacity to help other business owners who might be struggling to navigate a transition or discern the best next step to take.


My approach to marketing is rooted in authenticity and common sense and I believe, just as Shark Tank investor and Fubu CEO Daymond John said, that:

"The easiest thing to sell is the truth."

In other words, marketing isn't a fake costume I help design so that my clients can present an artificial version of themselves and their businesses to the world. Instead, successful branding involves uncovering the true essence of a person and his or her business, while marketing finds a way to authentically communicate that truth to those who would benefit from knowing about it.


I'm a big believer in taking action, however imperfect that action may be. It's far better to have tried and failed than it is to have never shared your idea or taken a scary step because you weren't fully ready. Clients and collaborators often hear me quoting one of my favorite expressions:

"The ideal is the enemy of the good."


Along the way, members of the RGA team may be asked to collaborate on certain projects, increasing our capacity and talent in support of our clients' success. These valuable and talented contractors have been selected not only for their expertise but also because they share this agency's core values. We're also very comfortable collaborating with other agencies and experts, taking responsibility for all or just some aspects of a project in order to support our clients.




All new clients begin working with me first through a GET BRILLIANTLY CLEAR STRATEGY SESSION.

Businesses already working with our agency can meet with me for strategic guidance in a number of ways, for example: Quarterly plan reviews, to kick off a new project, monthly accountability sessions and more.


Nothing is more fulfilling to me than helping business owners discover what makes their approach, vision, values and services naturally stand out from the rest of the field. Uncovering and communicating these differentiators is what branding is all about and doing it well is the most valuable investment a new or growing business can make in future success. As part of the Brand Discovery I have designed and personally deliver in a one-on-one coaching process with each client,  I customize written brand messaging guidelines as well as logos and visual identity development standards for each client.

I also design branded offices, selecting paint colors and sourcing furnishings and decor for these spaces.

My branding expertise also extends to "personal brands." This means that I also work with clients who are planning a professional transition and are seeking support with "marketing" themselves during the job search or internal application process. The deliverables in this case are very similar, though not identical, to those included in the business branding process, i.e. visual, written and verbal messaging development, self-awareness coaching and support.


A commitment to heavily-branded communications results in highly-customized marketing solutions and individualized business advice for each and every client we serve. Also a graphic designer and experienced writer, I naturally pair visual and written, digital and print communication tools to bring business brands to life in ways that will connect with target audiences. My team and I bring deep experience and broad expertise to a wide variety of platforms, from the development of powerful sales collateral to social media management, creative email and direct mail campaigns, comprehensive marketing planning and implementation.

Our beautiful office is available for selective rentals and our clients are especially encouraged to consider using it for a variety of purposes, i.e. creative, educational and movement workshops and conferences, planning, team-building and artistic retreats, and memorable client events.


We create powerful business websites, using WordPress and other premium, carefully vetted design tools. We're committed to sites that are heavily branded, functional and flexible, user-experience and action-oriented, accessible and sustainable for changing needs as businesses grow and change. Our collaborative partner Bergh Consulting offers essential technology services and expertise to us and to many of our clients:  Hosting, maintenance, security and backups, SEO (search engine optimization), e-commerce and more.


I support business owners as a marketing strategist and business growth advisor, in comprehensive ways and through a variety of stages, from pre-launch through rapid growth. I've been told that I'm accessible and authentic, with a candid yet caring coaching style. I also seek to connect our clients to each other and to other resources, creating opportunities to cultivate even more growth and benefits for the community.

I hope to meet you and hear your story soon!



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