Illustration flower on red background

Bonjour, hello, hola and ciao!

I'm on sabbatical.

I've been doing a teeny tiny bit of business coaching with Ureeka,* but I'm mostly exploring my passions--indoor and outdoor gardening and landscape design, home decor and design, illustration, and mixed media for starters--and giving my creativity room to flourish.

If you'd still like to connect, give me a call at 612-501-5565 or send me an email at:

I've purposefully written the email address this cryptic way to confuse the spambots. I'm confident you can decode it!


I hope you're well and experiencing joy.



* If you're a launching or scaling entrepreneur, check Ureeka out. They're committed to increasing access and reducing obstacles to success for small businesses, particularly those led by minorities and disadvantaged groups.